Mr. Dan the Music Man


Mr. Dan’s Music Experiences are a fun and engaging blend of performance, singing, movement, and instrument play in which children will learn hands on about basic concepts of music.





Fun with Music & Science

Banana Drums using Makey Makey

Banana Drums using Makey Makey

Valentine's Day Percussion using Makey Makey

Valentine's Day Percussion using Makey Makey

Play Doh Drums using Makey Makey

Play Doh Drums using Makey Makey

For information about my Children's Music Time Classes please contact me using the form below and I can address your specific needs.  

These classes are designed to be the first steps for children ages 2-5 into the world of music.  


I have been teaching music to children and adults of all ages for  over 25 years.   I currently work with local pre-schools in a variety of schedule formats. 


You can schedule weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or for special occasions.  I require no long term agreements or contracts.  

I offer a free half hour demo class before you make any commitment.


For Children's Music Time Classes I come to your school. Classes are generally 25 - 30 minutes and I can do multiple classes in a visit.

I bring all materials and instruments needed for class, prepare the classroom, pick up and return the room to the way it was found.

My Children's Music Time Classes, while varied, generally follow this format.


Introduction Song & Singing

Movement & Dance

Mystery Instrument & Instrument Play

Musical Games and Activities

Goodbye Song



"Space Theme" music class. We used Google Earth to explore and cruise around the Moon and Mars. Then we buckled up for space shuttle rides into space and then zoomed back down to areas all over the world and explored the people, places, music, and instruments of that region.