Spring Songwriting Day Retreat

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Ripke Studio

We will start the workshop by getting together over light breakfast snacks, fresh fruit, and coffee or tea. Bring your favorite morning drink if you'd like.

Plan for the day:

-discuss everyone’s songwriting goals, musical interests, favorite artists and songs -briefly explore some of that music and talk about the chord progressions, musical form,
rhythm, lyrics, melody, and dynamics of the songs. -group songwriting exercise that demonstrates how to understand and utilize all of these musical elements in your own songwriting. -group and individual songwriting exercises -BREAK FOR LUNCH @ studio- bring sack lunch -more group songwriting exercises -practice performances- group feedback- discussion- -group and individual song reworking and editing -practice performance -song performance live recording (if we get that far)

This workshop is limited to 6 people.

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Indian Music Night

*Dates subject to change.