Previous events

Indian Music Night

 —  —

Crazy Wisdom Tea Room, Ann Arbor, MI

Indian Music Night-Saturday day Night - Downtown Ann Arbor. Free admission, donations accepted. All ages welcome! "A monthly tradition that started in 2007. Indian Music Night is a fun, cozy evening of music curated by local tabla player John Churchville with the members of Ann Arbor based Indian fusion group Sumkali."

Campfire Song Share & Jam Session

 —  —

Ripke Studio, 6794 West Ridge Dr., Brighton, MI

This will be a fun and informal song sharing and jam session around the campfire at Ripke Studio. Play and share your acoustic songs. Invite others to play if you would like. The evening will finish with some group jams on simple 3 and 4 chord songs. You can join in or just listen. *Proceeds for this event go towards a student lesson & instrument guitar scholarship fund.


Spice up your Chords- Guitar Workshop

 —  —

Ripke Studio, 6794 West Ridge Drive, Brighton, MI

In this workshop we will work on ways to spice basic chord progressions by learning ways to substitute major 7, minor 7, sus chords, chords with extra notes, chord voicings up and down the neck, and more.

Songwriting Workshop for guitar

 —  —

Ripke Studio, 6794 West Ridge Drive, Brighton, MI

This songwriting workshop will be an informal and fun experience that will cover the following topics.

Understanding how chords fit together in a key.

Writing interesting chord progressions.

Learning ways to arrange parts of songs such as intro, verse, chorus, and bridge.

Tips on writing lyrics and adding chords.

*Dates subject to change.