Private Guitar Lessons

If you are interested in private guitar lessons in Brighton, MI  or if you have any questions about lessons, please contact me using the form below and I will get right back to you.

Although I have been a professional performer for 25 years, I have also been a  professional teacher for 25 years.  I am not a guitar player who teaches on the side.  I have dedicated  my life to my personal and professional development as a music teacher for people from all walks of life,  all ages.   My current private student roster ranges in age from 5-75 years old.  I teach students who have never picked up a guitar and students who have been playing for decades.


You can schedule weekly guitar lessons or simply contact me to schedule lessons as you wish.

Lesson Pricing:

$35 / Half hour Lesson

$70 / Hour Lesson

*Discounts for sessions longer than an hour.

$90 / Hour- base rate for House Call Lessons near Brighton, MI.  Pricing varies based on travel time.  

Guitar Workshop pricing varies.

* Weekly guitar lessons are billed a month at a time at the first lesson in that month.

*Schedule as You Wish Lessons can be paid per lesson or in blocks of lessons.


The free meet and greet lessons generally last between a half hour and an hour.  In that lesson we will chat about your current experience with guitar and your musical goals and interests.  You will leave with some great material to get you started on your particular path and you are welcome, at your convenience, to get back to me and schedule lessons if you feel I am the right teacher for you or your child.