Schedule As You Wish Lessons


With everyone's busy schedules it can be difficult to commit to weekly lessons for yourself or your child.  Many folks shy away from signing up for lessons every week and that guitar just sits in the corner collecting dust.  For this reason, I offer "Schedule As You Wish" lessons.  Just get in touch with me when you are ready for a lesson and I can fit you in at a time that works for your.  You can also join my "Schedule As You Wish"  email list and receive emails with open lesson times you can claim at your convenience.  I use an online scheduling app for this and all you have to do is choose a time from the list and I will email you with confirmation.

Even if you are just taking occasional lessons that can be enough to sustain and inspire you to play and practice until you are ready for another lesson.  It is especially useful for more experienced guitarists who want to work on specific areas in their playing or specific pieces of music.

Here is a very partial list examples what could be done in one of these lessons to improve you playing and musicianship.

*To schedule a lesson or for more information, view the form at the bottom of this page.

*Lesson rates are $35/ half hour with discounts for longer lessons.


Increasing chord vocabulary

Learning jazz chord voicings

Improving chord chart sight reading

Learn more about harmonic theory

Learning new scales

Learning methods of practice for improvisation and soloing

Improving your standard notation and tablature sight reading skills.

Adding rhythmic variation to your soloing

Learning exercise that can improve your guitar technique


Music theory

Specific genre study such as blues, jazz, classical, country...

Working on a specific song that you want to play or perform

Recording- We can use the lesson time to record your playing and songs so that you can share them

Learn tips for figuring out music by ear

Ways you can use modern technology and the internet to make practice more fun

Learn the basics of recording and setting up a home studio

Fingerstyle guitar

To schedule a "Schedule As You Wish" Lesson or get on the email list fill out the form below and I will get right back to you.