Michigan Humanities Council Touring Grants



Dan Ripke has been performing live music for nearly 30 years.  Due to his years of experience and broad range of musical curiosity Dan has many different performance booking options to choose from.

Classic Rock, Pop, Blues

 Jazz, Folk, Classical,

World Music

Eastern Indian Fusion,  R&B

 Instrumental, Country Bluegrass



Michigan Humanities Council Touring Grants

Michigan Humanities Council Touring Grants

Non-Profit Organizations

Ripke Studio is an official vetted performer in the Michigan Humanities Touring Directory.

What this means for you... ANY Non-Profit organization or public school in Michigan can apply for a Non-Competitive Touring Grant to fund a concert and/or educational event by Ripke Studio at your school.

 Ripke Studio and partner organizations have been awarded Michigan Humanities Council Touring Grants  for concerts and music education events at Model Elementary in Ypsilanti, Hartland Middle School at Ore Creek, The Refugee Development Center of Lansing, Michigan, and First Presbyterian Child Care Center in Howell, MI.

Arts & Humanities Touring Grants

The goal of the Michigan Humanities Council is to connect and encourage collaborations between artists and non-profit organizations.  Any non-profit in Michigan interested in fully funded music education, performance, or class series offering for your organization can visit the Michigan Humanities Council website for information.  


Touring Grant Specific Artists can be found here:


The Michigan Humanities Council has made the grant process easy for non-profits to collaborate with artists by allowing Ripke Studio to partner with you online in the grant writing process.   Once we discuss possible offerings to be funded, Ripke Studio can handle 90% of the grant process leaving only the follow-up requirements survey for the non- profit to complete the process.

Ripke Studio offers a wide range of diverse music experiences.   From pre-K music classes to university level music workshops, Ripke Studio can provide impactful programs and live music performance for many settings and in many musical genres with a roster of some of Michigan's finest musicians.

Performance Media & Musician Roster 

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Arts & Humanities Touring Program

The Arts and Humanities Touring Directory features some of the state’s most-talented performing and visual artists, and humanities presenters. The directory offers artists and humanities professionals the opportunity to present their work throughout the state through work with nonprofit recipients of the Touring grants program. Partnered with the Arts and Humanities Touring Grant Program, it is a one-stop resource for many organizations looking to hold public arts and culture events. The artists and humanities professionals included in the Directory go through a formal peer-review adjudication process.

Grant Application Sample Questions

Arts and Humanities Touring Directory

Arts & Humanities Touring Grants

The Arts and Humanities Touring Program is a joint collaboration of the Michigan Humanities and the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs. Michigan nonprofits can apply for Touring Grants to host arts and humanities programming that feature artists and presenters listed in the Arts and Humanities Touring Directory.

Grant Guidelines

The Arts & Humanities Touring Program awards grants to help support the fees and expenses of touring performers, artists, exhibitors, and humanities presenters listed in Michigan’s Arts and Humanities Touring Directory.

The Touring Program grants are available to Michigan nonprofit organizations who may request up to 40 percent of presenters’/exhibitors’ fees and travel expenses. Request for a grant may not exceed $3,000 per application, and an organization may not submit more than four (4) grant applications or request more than $4,000 during the program period.

Applications will be accepted during three funding windows based on when the performance/exhibit will take place based on the table below:

Performance Date Application Window opens:
December 1 to February 28 November 15th at 12:01 a.m.
March 1 to May 31  February 1st at 12:01 a.m.
June 1 to August 15 May 1st at 12:01 a.m.


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